The Florida CAF Wing 20 Years and Counting - READ MORE

Based in the East Hangar Complex at the DeLand Florida Airport, the Florida Wing of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) is the only unit of the national CAF organization located in Florida. The mission of the Florida Wing is the education of future generations of Americans to value and support the contributions of military aviation in assuring our nation’s freedom.                 

The Florida Wing maintains a flying T-34 Navy Trainer as part of the CAF’s national fleet of flyable vintage aircraft. Volunteers at the Wing are responsible for maintaining, flying and exhibiting the airplane.

Housed in the Wing’s aircraft hangar, the Robbins Memorial Library/Museum Collection includes aviation memorabilia and a library of aviation-related books, tapes, historic movies, oral histories and photos.

The Wing has established Educational Outreach Programs available to area groups and organizations. Programs are tailored to the interests of specific groups and may include presentations, library/museum tours, hangar tours and/or aircraft exhibits.

The Wing holds “workdays”, open to members and non-members alike, each Saturday and Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM throughout the year. The workdays provide an opportunity for attendees to assist in aircraft maintenance under professional supervision and to assist in hangar maintenance operations. Additionally, during these workday hours, the library and museum collections are  available to students, residents and visitors for research.

Florida Wing membership is open to all members of the national CAF organization. Dues for the national organization are $200 annually; Florida Wing membership is $75 per year. Aircraft sponsorships, with flying privileges for qualified individuals, are available to Florida Wing CAF members.
For information on the Florida Wing CAF membership, educational programs, library/ museum access and aircraft sponsorship, contact Executive Officer Joel Lonky at jlonky@gmail.com or (407) 733-8276.

The interior of the hangar was completely renovated in anticipation of the arrival of our T-34A. The Stearman located to the rear belongs to another Non-Profit organization "History Flight" which has rented its hangar space from the Wing.
The hangar also serves as a display center and activity area, fully equipped with a large projection screen, sound system and seating for large gatherings. The area above the enclosed office and museum is ideal for storing aircraft parts and items for future use.
The interior of the office is home to the Bob Robbins Memorial Library and Museum. Mr. Robbins, a founding member of the Florida CAF Wing, was a renown Boeing test pilot and engineer, having flown as test pilot on B-17, and B-29. He was the first test pilot to fly the B-47 "Stratojet" Bomber. The office area is also a ready room for pilots complete with parachute and helmet storage and a meeting area for staff and members alike, complete with kitchen and rest room facilities.
An example of the Florida Wing's events include hosting an impromptu two day visit of the CAF's, "FIFI," the world's only flying B-29 "Superfortress" in March 2014. This was the first landing of a B-29 at the DeLand Municipal Airport and attracted over 1,500 visitors.